Supervision of implementation

We follow up on each project activity according to the required quality, the specified period and the cost due to it to ensure the completion of the project according to the prepared schedule and according to the project budget.

Project management

We work first with clients to understand the project objectives and to develop and implement a clear strategy. We are keen to make the project happen on time and we manage several administrative, commercial, residential, recreational and educational projects in the eastern region.

Executive charts

The executive plans are to structure the building, supervise the rules, columns, casting, cheap plans, and supervise the building codes and their availability in the building, and the drawings and the supervision are reviewed.

Tables of quantities and specifications

It is the calculation of the quantities of materials and works that need to be implemented in the form of items necessary to complete the project, in order to develop a plan and method for implementing these items, and thus calculate the cost for each item of materials, equipment and labor. And then determining the direct cost of the item, and adding the indirect cost and determining the total cost of the items. Hence the cost of the project

Design and architecture

Architectural design is a logical, artistic and scientific process that is able to define forms, organizations and processes that create spaces for people to carry out specific activities; Like living, working, relaxing, healing, and architecture also known as building engineering, is an engineering discipline that deals with technological aspects and a multidisciplinary approach to planning, designing, building, and operating buildings. We at 4D Interior Design are ready to provide a wide choice of architectural designs worldwide.

Interior design and decoration

Attention to the aesthetic and artistic aspects, it is the process of designing the interior decoration and planning for its interior spaces well, we guarantee you precision in design and modernity in every detail as we offer you the three-dimensional design with the identification of colors and lighting in an engineering and craftsmanship that gives luxury to the place in addition to the design of gardens for palaces and government and private entertainment projects.





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